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Marine Supplies

As your total provider of ship’s supplies, you can come to HLE for absolutely everything to do with food supplies and everyday consumer items. Our extensive range means that we can deliver virtually everything within a short period of time and often directly.

Building new homes

In addition to food, HLS also supplies deck & engine stores such as cleaning products, equipment, office supplies, ropes, Marine engine parts and bonded stores as well as beer, soft drinks and cigarettes. You name it, we supply! Orders are delivered on board by our own staff. Seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.

What makes us the right partner?

  • We stood the test of time and have been in business for almost 45 years.
  • Our family atmosphere has created longevity in our staff with most working 10+ years at HLE.
  • We have short communication lines between you and our staff, resulting in speedy answers to your questions.
  • Recently we launched our online Ordering Portal, making the ordering process even easier.
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Shipping Agency

The full service concept is an important aspect of our job. Our office is manned by experienced professionals who will always represent your interests in a personal, reliable and respectable manner. Working in close consultation with port authorities and other parties, we can ensure that your ship and cargo are in safe hands, at all times. In case any changes occur, we will adjust to these changes. You can leave your worries behind with our full service concept; that is our mission.

No matter where you are, you can rest assured that our personal approach and commitment will ensure that your ship and cargo are receiving the required attention. Positive or negative news, we will make sure all parties are duly informed and assist where necessary. Our clients value our flexibility, speed of work, organisational capacity, and last but not least our honest pricing!

Our scope includes:

  • Attending to owners’ matter.
  • Arranging repair, docking at shipyard, underwater hull survey & maintenance, and classed survey.
  • Supply of bunker and fresh water at berth, in port and out port.Attending to a vessel passing out port limit to pick up urgent ship spares to minimize time loss.
  • Cargo operations. Ensure smooth co-ordination. Handling of heavy and delicate gas plant equipments, anchors, furnace equipments, etc.
  • Crew matter Signing on/off seamen while vessel is in or out port.Arranging air tickets & accommodation.
  • Arranging medical requirement/attendance on board vessel or at medical center.
  • Urgent delivery of ship spares to other port.

Freight Forwarding

When a breakdown means a vessel needs a spare part quickly, it makes a difference to deal with a company with expertise in  shipping and logistics. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for maintenance and repairs. Ship spares which require immediate attention upon arrival at the airport, are efficiently cleared at Customs and delivered with minimum delay to vessels at the anchorage, shipyard or Out Port Limit. Our competent Freight Forwarding staff will make the necessary arrangements to return the damaged or replaced parts from the vessels to the Owners designated repair company or other port via air or sea. We have our own warehousing facility for storing ship spares under sheltered conditions and CCTV monitored.

Our services include

  • V2V services – “vessel-to-vessel” collection and delivery (including vessels in Out-Port Limits, Anchorages, Container Ports, Terminals and Drydocks).
  • Customs brokerage.
  • Zero-GST permits and paperwork.
  • Warehousing, storage and consolidation of parts before delivery to vessel.
  • Forwarding Ship Stores or Ship Spares to various ports in Malaysia by bonded truck.
  • Hand-carry cargo – super-urgent parts which need to be hand-delivered to destination.

Sea Fastening Materials

The supply of Sea-fastening materials is one of our growing and developing services. Our company uses highly motivated and dedicated staff who work in an efficient, safe and timely manner, with attention to detail and continuous flexibility to change during assignments were needed. We work, supply and assist you according to the most common techniques, standards and requirements.

The securing of cargo on ships is increasingly bound more to regulations. This is a good development, because the strengthening reduces the risk of cargo from sliding.
HLE offers a comprehensive package of lashing materials such as Ratchet Belts and D-Rings.

If you are interested, please contact us at henglee@henglee.com.sg

Management Services

Heng Lee Enterprise Corporation has been supporting BOW Shipping in their implementation of financial and operational management in Singapore and Indonesia. Heng Lee Enterprise Corporation can provide help to businesses in various fields and assists in management issues. We consider a flexible, tailored approach as important as giving a personal touch. Thinking about doing business in Singapore but encountering too many obstacles (law, staff, management) please let us know. There is a good chance that we can help you.

Container Services

In addition to our ONE-STOP marine services, we can purchase and or sell used empty containers. Please send us your enquiry or requirement and we will respond within 24 hours.

For information or a quote please contact us